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Alexander Vogt

Italy Tech House Deep House

Dj & Producer Deep/Tech House/Label Manager Hope Music Rec
Intellectro Vibe Records/Majestic Family Records/Sublimation Records/Cubek Records/Southpark Records/Aquasound by Liquid Inc/Sound Mass Records/Moonshake Records/System Recordings/Calm Records/Catforlunch Records/Listen React/Rectangle Recordings/Ghetto Blaster Musik/Balkan connection Tech/Atum Records
Alexander Vogt was born in 1984 in Novara, Italy a city north east oriented of the Piemonte region.
At the age of fifteen he discovered the techno music and he starts to follow in Europe the various events related to this sound and gather as much as possible from this new culture.
Year after year the desire to learn how to mix is strong so he decides to attend the European Academy for deejays in Milan.
At the Academy he fall deeply in love with deep and tech house so much to twist completely his own mixing style.
In 2011 he starts to work with Ableton the famous software known all over the world. He get specialized in the use of this software and he starts to refine his music skills by producing his firsts personal mixes.
In march 2012 he finish the Academy with goods results and he attend the famous certificate A.I.D. (Italian Association Dj) founded by Renzo Arbore, Italian celebrated singer songwriter.
His deep passion for the music is very strong and full of new ideas and projects, with a friend of him, he fonds RADIOATTIVA, everyday radio online with techno music 24/24.
Last summer (2012) he get in contact with group Miniglam Style a famous event planner cooperation of djs and organizers which launch exclusive and funny parties in Ticino, the italian side of Switzerland. They have attended parties in Vanilla Club, Arena, Privilege, Angels'....

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