Key Commands

Aleks Daniels

6000 Koper, Slovenia Tech House Techno

Very soon his parents recognize his connection, love and talent for the music. In his childhood he started to record any genre of radio shows to cassettes and listen to them constantly. At the age of 7 he started to play harmonic and later finished the elementary school of music. Than he started to listen to electronic music and soon realized that listening to music is just not enough for him. He wanted more so he bought himself a mixer and tried his hands at mixing in virtual DJ. Like everyone he first experimented at home later he made impression at school parties and soon he got his first gig at a small local discotheque. After joining the Positive Pulse organisation he played in many clubs like The Club, Bachus, Ambasada Gavioli and at many other places. When he became a part of underground scene he immediately felt in love with Techno. Nowadays he is deeply stepped in the legacy of Tech House and slow Hard-Bass Techno. We can soon expect the release of his first track.

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