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Agustin Barrueco

Electro House Progressive House Techno

Juan Agustin Barrueco has born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1993. At 9 years old, he wanted to start learn how to be a Dj, so he started to learn it in Auditronic Dj School. After 2 years, he debuted as Dj with only 11 years at Fussion Electronica, in front of 1000 people. Then, with the years he was playing as a dj in differents clubs in Argentina. In 2010, he started to produce his own music, he likes too much play and produce Electro House, Progressive House & House music... Now, he's working a lot on his name, he's producing lot of original material... Now, with 19 years, has a radio show where he's playing his own productions and the hottest selections of the week! A new producer is comming... Let's get ready!

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