Key Commands

Adriano Dognini

Brusque - Santa Catarina, Brazil House Deep House Tech House Techno

Perfectionist by nature Adriano Dognini always search the best match between strands of electronic music to engage and convey their passion for their audience and fans.

Settled and born on the coast of Santa Catarina in Brazil region, started DJing in April 2003 where even there over the years has attracted more and more into electronic music in its rich and strong multi-cultural diversity of the region that only grown over the years.

Easy adjustment and quick perception, did not take long to create its roots in local and regional clubs as a spectator attraction and inevitably getting opportunities known and respected club tracks like the traditional Bali-Hai, a super club Green Valley, living in nightclubs in your city and tickets at parties and festivals touring the valley and Santa Catarina coast.

Joining his technical mixing and its variability in underground trends such tech-house and techno, has been winning fans and feedbacks always positive wherever he goes, taking with talent beyond his captive and loyal to its principles of love of good music and respect for public art, where there are no limits to dream beyond anything ever seen, felt and heard mostly.

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