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AdrenAlin Studio

Dubstep Drum & Bass Electro House +1

Somewhere in the world, there's a 21 years old Hungarian heavy-based producer, mainly based on the bass music styles from dubstep to electro house in his real name Gergő Kászonyi, better known as AdrenAlin Studio from 2011. Before this period, he did mostly hip-hop and drum & bass themes with his good old ModPlug Tracker and from 2008 with FL Studio, and do that now. He's hardly trying to get more fans with his heavy-style and manage artist with his very own record label, the Voltage Records EDM (including his genres and many electro house). He have numerous releases, like 'TOTAL SPEED EP' from 2013, then released 'The Dark Noises EP' on his label, which got one of the most relevant releases there, including his 'Destroy The City (LOITUMA mix)' with his 20k+ streams on Spotify. He dropped his album 'I Am The Music' in the autumn of 2014 with 13 new tracks in various genres.
In 2015 he started his Thalys project to release something "different" from his style. The debut release named 'Fire EP' got famous and the second track 'Fire' also got listened by the Never Say Die Records' Eptic before it gots released.
The future of his music is maybe can't be predicted, but we think, it will be massive!

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