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Pune, Maharashtra, India Electro House Electronica Dubstep Reggae / Dub +2

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ADRENALIN is a high energy 22 year old EDM Producer/Artist/ DJ hailing from Pune, MH. He takes pride in taking his music from one extreme to the next through great Melodic and bass thumping beats in which people of all walks of music relate to. After being influenced by the likes of Skrillex, M4$onic, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, deadmau and madeon amongst many others, he began creating music at the age of 17. From there he’s gone through many creative phases that helped shape his craft into a versatile art form. Over the years he’s been honing his skills by publishing his work on various online markets.

Adrenalin: a.k.a Joshua presently does syth patterns, textures along with some sampling for "Moonburn" & "Ashwamedh" .

Abelton Live being the primary DAW for all his music...along side he uses the M-audio Oxygen49 and Novation's Launchpad for sampling and recording his loops.

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