Key Commands


Techno Electronica / Downtempo

Create music without enslave yourself to neither trend nor genre. Music is all about devotion and passion. It’s for your body and your mind. For the hectic moments before and the peace afterwards. For intimate privacy in your comfortable listening environment or the total lack of control in your favourite club. It’s about thoughtful reflections and excess. ad.lib is about living the moment to the full.

Stefan picked this alias with the same precision he models and shapes his soundscapes. ad.lib is a common abbreviation for „ad libitum“ which is latin and means "at one's pleasure". It is often used in jazz-music for the description of the improvisation parts - the parts where musicians stop thinking and start to feel the song and play for the moment. if you’ve ever been part of such a performance or caught a glimpse of the satisfaction in the musicians or the audiences faces, then you perfectly understand the idea behind ad.lib. Stefan wants to bring the raw energy of the early chicago house or detroit techno back to contemporary electronica. He has spent a lot of time making music and thinking about techniques to really perform his music live instead of just playing back given arrangements.

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