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Adam Oland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Progressive House

Adam Oland, hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a bright producer and DJ with a positive attitude and an aspiration to improve the sound. He has an academic background in Psychology, Computer Science and loves digital imagery (design and photography).

The self-taught producer has production experience since 2006 and started releasing progressive music since early 2011, Manipulating a sound to 'simple perfection' is an artform and not just playing with a few filters. Adam is a socalled emotional writer and every track he makes has a specific feeling.

In the past he has worked with professionals in the industry and gained experience in the commercial side of the sound. Heavily inspired by giants like Eric Prydz, Daft Punk, Chicane and Michael Cassette he has found the sound he was looking for as his music became more balanced, emotional and original. When Adam is not composing music, you can find his artwork and designs on several promotional websites and advertisements.

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