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Adam Farkas

Ózd, Hungary Tech House Funk / Soul / Disco Chill Out Electro House +6

Adam Farkas stage name DJ WOLF was born on 22/08/1987 in Tatabánya. The love of music is reflected in his childhood. Music School was then elevated to learn music piano and guitar. 2007 Borsod Abaúj Zemplén biggest disco will be held in Rio Homeland BACARDI B-LIVE DJ Competition II. Placed, in House style and musical career began at the same time, where from 2007 - 2010 - up. the upper level of the R & B disco. During this time, a large public awareness camps among the entertainment industry, which is also used by the actions of guests. He turns to Tiszaújváros City Camelot, Debrecen City Club in Silence, Midnight Club in Miskolc City, Eger City in Kazamata disco at the time, and the shipyard on the island of Budapest Sziget Festival to be held in 2008.

In 2009, the City Homeland TV (ÓVTV) and Student Radio "Music Mosaic" sound of music presenter.

At the same time, in Budapest continue musical career with basement clubs playing music until summer 2011 House and R & B style, and then moved to Germany, where renewable energy sources start to deal with. Been to India, Austria, Germany, Croatia, where in addition work weekends a melody clubs in the city.

Favorite music styles:

- R & B
- Soulful House
- Vocal House
- Progressive House
- Deep House
- Progressive Goa Trance
- Soul & Lounge


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