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Stockholm, Sweden Deep House Tech House Techno House +4

House, techno and groovy shit in different shapes and forms.

His first trip to ”la isla blanca” were back in 1988...and after that he has never really looked back. The vibe and the energy were something he had only experienced at heavy metal concerts as a teenager. During the following years he tried to find a place with the same magic as Ibiza but the white island always showed him a new side when visiting. His many years spent away from his city of birth, Stockholm, has influenced him a lot and also of course worth mentioning is the early scene back in his hometown.

1997 started with him visiting Goa, followed by 3 months in England and then finally he ended up staying in Budapest for 3 years. A city where at the time electronic dance music were gaining in awareness and popularity. He there started to learn the basics of mixing and his first smaller gigs took place there.

Between 2002 and 2003 he lived in Barcelona and on his beloved island Ibiza. Well back in Stockholm again he teamed up with his since then back to back partner Tomas Österman, which he has mixed together with for numerous years.

”House is a feeling”... be continued.


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