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Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain Trance House

Why AcidJoke?

He is an electronic music producer born in Galicia (Spain).
Acidjoke refers to his acid humor and Acid music.
A introverted person is considered and prefers to follow the example of Daft Punk in regard to his image. In their performances are hidden behind a Venetian Joker mask. That gives a touch of mystery and remove the real character's face in these times of so much vanity.

Musical Beginnings!

He started in the 90's with 8-bit Amiga trackers. At that time, computers did not offer very good results, but it was enough to imitate their idols. Now create tracks using your Mac Pro with Ableton Live.
His passion for music and his eclectic taste led him to compose tracks of different styles. He has always been attracted to electronic styles such as Trance, House, etc ...
Influenced by artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Dash Berlin and Swedish House Mafia wanted to create a cool music and thought to the dance floor.

Other talents!

Another of his passions since childhood is drawing and he has studied graphic design.
He has designed his logo and all covers.

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