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South Africa Electro House Breaks Drum & Bass +2

Twelv is the DJ & Producer Alias of Robert Rumney (South Africa)
He has played alongside local & international legends such as:
SkiZM/Far Too Loud/Document One/Dubsidia/The CyberPunkers/Funtcase/Jenna G/Haezer/Double Adapter/Sibot/Mala/SchlatofBronx/Ali B/Gazelle/The FreeStylers/Crossman & Phizicst/Liver/Dank/Hugs on Drugs/Richard The Third/The Blunted Stunman/Niskerone/P.H.Fat/Jam Jarr/BTeam/Voicetag/Mix&Blend/Dank/Enough Weapons/Autodidakt/KidOfDoom & More

This Of Course, means absolutely nothing. So Here you can listen for yourself, with a catalogue of Releases ranging from Dubstep, to Electro Breaks, to Drum & Bass to Psychedlic Glitch-Wobble Hop and all Inbetween.

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