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Rudy Lime

Eindhoven, The Netherlands Progressive House Trance Techno

Rudy Lime is the musical identity of the Dutch Ruud van den Muijzenberg (born in 1988). As Rudy Lime, he smoothly blends techhouse with techno and progressive into a refreshing and uplifting sound with a surprising twist during the sets.

Rudy believes that his DJ sets are a journey in sound. He states: “the people deserve so much more than simply being fed the regular top-40 hits while they go out. Going out to me means stepping out of the ordinary, exploring something different than your day-to-day routine and discovering new music. Discovering tracks you wouldn’t encounter during your normal working hours, allowing you to deeply experience your valued free time. Far too long the audience has been dumbed down, it’s time for artists to step up and give musical value in return.”

Back in 2008, Rudy Lime created his “Nightfall” imprint which, in carefully crafted DJ sets, tells the story of the setting sun and transformation of your day. While Nightfall started as a podcast series, the Nightfall vision is the basis of Nightfall Productions and of the newly launched Nightfall event series where experience and connection between artists and visitors matter.

After going global in 2013 with his first international gigs in New York (USA) and in Tønder (Denmark), Rudy Lime was asked by 303LOVERS to play an opening set in their “Arena” at Lakedance. Right after that he successfully launched his residency “Sultry Lounge”, which was held for two years straight in Eindhoven. Fast forward, Rudy now focuses on collaborating with fellow artists and expanding his global network, aiming to unite people in dance.

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