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Manila, Philippines Progressive House Electro House Trance

JacksonPackz is an 18-year-old upcoming big room/electronic dance music producer, remixer, mash-up artist and musician originating from the Philippines.

Born and raised in Manila, diagnosed with autism. Melissa Simon is a Filipino young female student currently in senior high school, special education department.

At the age of 11 in 2006, Melissa was playing the drums at home while she learned.

In 2010, she was joining the band in June/July. Before was originally start her own tracks at the young age of 15. Her introduce FL Studio software tries to her own productions. 3 years ago, each remixes including Sonic games.

And in 2011, her first trance/techno song "Starlight Chapel" was uploaded her submissions on Newgrounds page. Under the name of her own project alias as 'JacksonPackz'.

In July 2013, she also appear for the first time as a member of Radio Kaos Caribou's monthly comeback radio show The DJ's Dozen Squad in France. In episode 6, JacksonPackz has made a debut pre-recorded mix will played every 1pm to 2pm in the UK.

In October 2013, Melissa joining the members of the EDM Philippines community. As learning to continuation of work.

Simon signed to a Filipino-Ilonggo EDM producer R3y Gon's very own imprint Rewind Recordings and her upcoming tracks released in summer this year.

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