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Oostende, Belgium Indie Dance / Nu Disco Electro House Deep House +2

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GUEUSH - pronounced 'GOESCH' - is a DJ living on the edge of the north sea at Ostend City, Belgium.

His love for music started back in 2006, influenced by a wide range of sorts. Back in the day, he experienced with different genres but always had a soft spot for classical house music.

He supported many local events where there was nothing but good music on the menu. Filling his mind with quality sounds he needed a place to share his thoughts. Ostend's nightlife was the perfect spot where he could set his mind free!

As day comes and night falls he loves to build up the vibe with a refreshing sound of soul, funk, disco, hip hop and underground house music.

Expect a mood that is groovy, playful and will surely boost up your desperate housewife. Starting from the bottom or picking up at a danceable hour, he's authentic sound will definitely put your heels on fire!

Just remember whenever it comes from the heart it always feels good!

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