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Los Angeles, CA, USA Electronica Drum & Bass Dubstep +2 | | | Bookings: | AIM: dirtydeedsim

A United States Drumstep ambassador, Dirty Deeds began producing tracks for both Stateside & UK record labels in 2004. Shortly after, DJ Grooverider began to feature ‘Deeds tunes on his BBC Radio1 show in the UK, signifying a landmark achievement for international play. Within a rapid amount of time Mr. Deeds had production & performance credits under his belt playing DJ sets all over for various promoters such as Insomniac, GO Ventures and V2.

Over the last few years he’s moved forward performing from Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, to WMC in Miami (and many shows in between). Working his way upward, Dirty Deeds has performed alongside such artists as: Datsik, Borgore, Figure, Nero, Bare, Terravita, Dieselboy, Original Sin, Taxman, Evol Intent, Reid Speed, Helicopter Showdown, Sluggo and many more well known bass music artists. Dirty Deeds has been among some of the first Artists to enter into a new hybrid genre called DRUMSTEP. This approach to Bass heavy music production lands right between D&B and Dubstep music. With a great response by fans, promoters and respective DJ/producers the DRUMSTEP sound has gained popularity while comfortably remaining a niche’ genre within the D&B/DUB family.

As a result of the Drumstep tunes by Dirty Deeds, he’s received more acclaim, blog features, releases and interviews with regard to the sound of Drumstep Dirty Deeds is creating. Mr. Deeds finds a happy medium playing a range of Drumstep, Dubstep, DNB and more in his performances; This makes for a versatile mix of genres that keeps the crowd lunging at what bangin' tunes will come next in the set.

Be on the lookout for the Dirty Deeds 'FUNSTEP' EP + top 10 chart on Beatport coming soon. In 2012 you’ll find Dirty Deeds pushing the Drumstep, Dubstep & DNB sound forward as he presents the world with more releases & performances that will be sure to blow up the dancefloors worldwide.

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