Key Commands

8-bit Slave

Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House House Dubstep +2

Wobbly basslines, 8-bit synths and glitchy retro video game madness in each song!

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8-bit Slave is one of the most electrifying and energyzing up and coming EDM Producers/DJs on the music scene, crossing Dance genres and leaving both listeners and fans paralyzed with euphoria. Combining various genres of EDM, switching back and forth to keep the crowd guessing & having fun, 8-bit Slave has a electrifying style that consistently rocks freakin' socks with blips and wobbles. A knowledgable, self-described tech-head, he is also an avid sound designer creating some of the edgiest sounds heard today.

Microwave your NES, 8-bit madness, wobble bleep wobble.

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