Key Commands

3rd Revelation

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Music inspires. For 3rd Revelation, aka Aaron Polyvas of Vancouver, BC, that inspiration drives him to produce and develop new tracks with ease. Meticulous and settling for no less than the best, no minutia escapes his eye when it comes to production.

Just last year Third Revelation released a redefining track “Vortextual” which drew the acclaim of a small, independent label in the US.

There seems to be no stopping this young producer who takes to any challenge. Looking back a few years he quickly took to producing while still a student in Kelowna. He outshone others in his class as he began mixing tracks that slipped seamlessly together. The result was his most recent full-length release [Explosive and Implosive] (2012); a compilation that is both imaginative and revealing.

Progressive House, Electronica, Dream House, and Trance. These are just a few of the genres that he produces. Early inspirations included the triumphant, raging sounds of Nine Inch Nails, and melodies from the other side of the spectrum, Porcupine Tree –music that is nonconformist and even a little edgy. 3rd Revelation manages to draw from such inspirations and develop his own sound: lengthy, coordinated, and sometimes just beautiful EDM tracks.

And what does the future hold for Third Revelation? One need only listen to his most recent release to find out.

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