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São Paulo, Brazil

The House Music, is the hallmark of the duo, however, in a "footprint" and heavier loads, without losing its essence and danceable pop.

2 BECOME 1, as its name says, "two becoming one", and this line of thought the pair, which is formed by Dj's Giselle Galvão and Dj Dinho Oliveira, do not bother to abuse the line between them, both in choose the songs of his repertoire, as in mixes using skillfully the 4 hands.

The duo has performed the great São Paulo, residing at parties Eivissa and Cafe Del Mar, realisadas in Club A (Amaury Jr), besides the parties Chainz Party, Cool, and in Clubs like Parador Maresias All Kone Morocco, Pink Elephant, Club Ballroon, highlighting the "Club Sirena" Maresias.

For dual 2 BECOME 1, the set is important to have a "feeling", feeling the track, and what we like to associate with what the audience wants to hear, and above all do - them dance.

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